Definatly not the Matrix

       Hi again! Scoliatic here, I had to rewrite a paragraph the other day and had complete control on whatever I wanted to do to the paragraph. I deleted the whole thing and started from the beginning and came up with a completely different paragraph that turned into the start of a story. If you guys like it I might continue it.      It was a quiet dark night when Gerald awoke. He knew something was off immediately after waking from his slumber. As a resident of New York City he was used to there being a bustle surrounding him but not tonight, there was nothing. He rose from his bed and stared out his window looking for answers. Outside things were very off. He could see cars, buses and people but heard no sound. He thought that he had gone deaf but realized he could hear his own breath although it sounded scratchy as if through an old speaker. Upon further inspection he saw that the cars were a pattern. Volkswagon beetle, truck, PT Cruiser, Convertible, and then, Challenger. Their

Other Beings and how they React to my Scoliosis

      Hello there people that are currently breathing! I hope you all had a good Easter with much frivolity and celebration, and if you don't celebrate Easter I hope you had a good Sunday. If you did happen to gather with friends and family I hope you all stayed safe and healthy. Today I, Professor Scoliatic, have had many adventures in this world I have met many people. I have had to explain to many a curios mind why my back sticks out or why I can't do certain things in ballet. These humans that I have gifted with my knowledge have had many different responses and I will list a few.   The Supportive     My favorite of the individuals that I have told about my scoliosis are the supportive. After learning about the disabilities that plague my body they decide to help me through my trials and tribulations. They may help me move heavier objects saying that they don't want me to hurt my back. They usually understand my limitations well and will help me explain them to new peop

The Door, the Finger, and the Deep, Dark, Hole

      Hello fellow people that are currently alive. It is I again Scoliatic with a fresh, new, story about something that happened to me as a child. This post doesn't really have much to do with scoliosis but I hope you all enjoy, share, comment, and follow.     The house that I live in is old. Really old. If I remember correctly (I probably don't) its about 118 years old. Yeah, it's old. Its been remodeled and renovated a few times. It didn't use to have the now playroom connected to the house. Even the entrance positions have changed. There used to be a door where our pantry is and there's still the old doorbell there. We used to and still do to a lesser degree, press it so that people would think there was someone at the door. With the addition of our dog to our family we had to stop because she doesn't know that shes been tricked and will bark longer than I'd like to listen to. We also have a pair of sliding doors that separate the living room from the d

This Summer, Final Fusion

      Hello again people with a screens in front of their faces; it isI, Scoliatic the wise, and today I shall talk about my upcoming final surgery and how my expansion went along with the news that I will not be going to Why Not You Academy, but either Big Picture, or Highline. If you enjoy my blog and want to be notified when a new one comes out, there is a follow button on the homepage that you can click, press, or leave alone. Also, currently the only way that I can gain new viewers is by word of mouth, text, Email, or smoke signal, so if you can, please share it with friends and family.     If you read my previous post you know that I had my expansion on Monday where they take a menacing magnetic device that makes my rods elongate with the power of magnetism. This expansion wasn't the best or the worst but could've gone better. As I arrived to the towering structure of medical mastery, I felt a sense of dread. It was once again time for the magnetic ritual. before the expa

Expansion on Monday

    Hello people of the internet, Scoliatic here. I learned a couple days ago that I have an expansion on Monday. Yay... As you may recall I hate expansions. I have had a few painful ones and I always feel weird afterwards. I have learned to take some pain meds beforehand and it helps but doesn't make it perfect. Also, I can usually tell when I have another one coming up by my back. It usually hurts more in my left shoulder when I need an expansion for some reason but that didn't happen this time so I was caught off guard. I'm not complaining about that part though because this means that I get to have my expansion before the back pain from needing one starts. I should be fine and nothing bad will happen but I am still nervous  and probably will be until it's done so I wantt it to and don't want it to happen.     Aside from that news I also found out that I didn't get into a school I was going to go to. I was going to go to Big Picture but instead will be going

My Origin

      Well hello their people of the internet, Scoliatic here again. Today I shall be talking about my birth and all the crazy things that were wrong with me back then. Please enjoy and share with your friends and family.     You may be wondering how I got here, where I came from, and how some of my many disabilities came into place. You see it all started with my diaphragmatic hernia.     Before I was born the doctors knew it was there. They first learned about it when I had my ultrasound and they were able to plan for my birth. When I popped into the world, the first thing my parents did was baptize me. This usually takes place later in a babies life but for all they knew at the time mine might not have lasted that long. After the baptism I was hooked up to machines to regulate breath and make sure that my heart was working properly. They had to do this because my organs were a mess. The hole in my diaphragm caused all my insides to be in the wrong places and you could

The Snap

    Hello again my readers, subscribers, and audience. It is I again, Scoliatic with a new addition to my blog of blogs. Today I shall continue the saga of my spine and venture through more of my amazing adventures, the replacing of my rod, the snap, and the new MAGEC Growing Rods, (MAGnetic Expansion Control). Copy the link for more information on the MAGEC Rods: Sorry if it was not clear but all of these events happened previously in my life and are not unfolding as this is being uploaded. They all happened a few years ago some longer than others. With this, my last, and my next posts I am getting you my readers up to speed with my titanium trials and once I am done with that I will change format. More on that when it happens but for now, enjoy.     As you may remember from the last po